Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting is urging you to please catch and release when you do fish. When you do hunt, please do so according to the specific game farm owner’s scientific game management plan and with the right conservation measures to protect the animals of our planet.

Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 25 R99.95

What is special about this edition is that we are going to show you how we as Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting are getting deep down into Rhino conservation. Wild Africa Marketing is the sole distributor for the new Faunatrack solution that forms part of Accitrack .The solution provides an easy to use tracking and incident reporting mechanism for Livestock and Game that puts the farm owner back in control. In this edition we focus on a Rhino Tag and a Big Five Tag on a 5000 + hectare private Game Lodge.

In our main hunting section Marcelle Pieterse from the Limpopo province in South Africa is showing us how she is hunting an Impala with the Bow ON Deon Fouches property in the Limpopo are.DeonFouche is hunting a Blue Wildebeest with the rifle. Charles Pieterse has filmed these exciting hunts for us. Thank you Charles.

Dave Sutherland from the Sutherland Hunting Academy is showing us how to handle and prepare a hunted animal for trophy purposes.

We visited Tzaneen Specimen Camp and bring you some awesome fishing together with some tips from that trip. Our host and guide Cicil Vermeulen is fishing together with us, whilst keeping a close eye on us.

In our Medical Section Nico Stapelberg from Servo Vita is showing us how to treat a person with a hook in an arm or foot. He also gives some tips on how to remove that hook.

Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 24 R99.95

First we visited the brutal Tzaneen damall its snags to show you how to cope with one of SA’s most difficult Specimen Carp Angling venues. Neil Engelbreght is covering various tactics, tips and techniques to assist you with your Trophy Carp Angling.

Next up is the West Coast .Professional Angler Arno de Wet is sharing some bait techniques from a rock and surf point of view while he is fishing this area.

Arno is also taking us of one of his exciting Wing shooting expeditions to the Mpumalanga area of South Africa .His gundog is showing off all her skills. This is very interesting and exciting to see and learn.

Nico Stapelberg is also sharing some basic first aid tips and techniques. This time round he is covering burn wounds.

Dave Sutherland from the Sutherland hunting academy is taking us through the steps of spoor identification.

In general this DVD is full of educational material which makes this DVD a must have for every angler and hunter.

Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 23 R99.95

First on our list is Professional Angler Arno de Wet. Arno is taking us to the West Coast of South Africa where he shares some more tips and destinations on this lovely trip we had with him.

Secondly we are on our way to Doorndraai Dam to do some serious Specimen Carp Angling and where we share some more insight on our trip to this stunning venue in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Marius Krige is sharing some tips and techniques while he is landing a beautiful specimen carp. This complete trip is available on Wild Africa Specimen Carp Angling DVD Volume 2 and 3, available online www.wildafricagroup.com and in most fish and tackle stores country wide. I am also sharing some need to know knots for every angler on this DVD.

We then join Arno de Wet where he is learning us the ABC’s on this Wing Shooting trip to the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. This was an eye opener and a good learning experience for me with regards to Wing Shooting.

I am also sharing some more essential Bow and Rifle Tips that every hunter needs to know.

In our First-Aid section, Nico Stapelberg is showing us what to do in a choking situation. This adds a lot of value for any person out there, and will give you the necessary know how and confidence on how to react in a real life scenario.

Test your knowledge with our very popular Nature Quiz!

Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 22 R99.95


In this edition we are visiting the West Coast of South Africa to bring you Rock and Surf Fishing. We are visiting the beautiful St Helena Bay with its tranquility and peace.

Well known Professional Angler Arno de Wet is taking us on a journey of a lifetime. We were filming the first Edition of Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting Saltwater Edition Volume 1 when we decided to bring you some of the highlights and action on this DVD.

Arno is sharing a couple of tips and techniques that he uses to fish the area. Arno is also showing us the bait that he is using. He also shares with us where to harvest the bait that he is using.

Next we are on our way to Doorindraai Dam in the Limpopo Province to see what happened in the second part of our very successful trip together with Tight Lines “Stywe Lyne“ Editor Ettienne Kriel and Johan Potgieter who is covering the story of Doorindraai Dam.

They share everything that they have experienced together with us from a specimen Carp Angling point of view in the next edition of the Tight Lines Magazine. Ettienne is catching his personal best in this edition and he is pleasantly surprised with the new methods and techniques that he has learned.

Our Hunting adventure is in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Professional Hunter and Outfitter Charles Pieterse is taking us to a game farm on the other side of the Soutpansberg to the area called Waterpoort.Farm and Game Lodge owner Gerhard is hosting us at the Lodge. This lodge is the ideal Bow Hunting Facility for up to 12 people. He has put a lot of effort into the layout and design of the hides. Let’s see what is on the menu.

Charles Pieterse and I are introducing our new Nature Quiz .We hope that you enjoy it and that you get your answers right the first time.

Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 21 R99.95


First we are off to Mozambique with Steve Sutherland and James Johnson to fish for some tigers. Steve and James are showing us some unique spots on the Curumana Dam that holds hugetigers.

Next we are on our way to the Loskop dam Bonanza, for part II. We share our experience with you and show you the competition winners. Next up isDoorindraai dam .Chris Liebenberg is catching one on his carp. Chrishas a lot of Specimen Carp Angling experience and I am sure that you will learn something from him. You can catch some more Doorindraaiaction ,tips and techniques on our Wild Africa Specimen Carp Angling DVD Volume 2,available online on www.wildafricagroup.com or from your nearest fish and tackle outlet.

We have invited Heinrich du Preez from Radical Golf to come and hunt with us in Limpopo at Africa McNabSafaris.Heinrich is a golfer with several Guinness World Records under his belt ,so let’s see what he is up to with a rifle in his hand. Jaco Engelbrechtfrom African McNab Safaris is our guide and host.

Ex World Champion Bow Hunter, Juan Oosthuizen from The BowShop is sharing some of his inside info on broad heads before the hunting season.

Dave Sutherland from Sutherland Hunting Academy is taking us through the steps of tree identification, on his PH Course insert.

Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 20 R99.95

In this edition we are fishing for the ever so elusive big carp of Loskop Dam. We are also sharing some highlights on one of our recent trips to Doorindraai Dam in Limpopo. Watch this space!

Chris Liebenberg is revealing some of his Big Carp Tips, techniques and strategies. He is discussing bait strategies, rig building and much more.

Professional Hunter and Outfitter Stephan van der Merwe is guiding one of his clients on an Elephant hunt to complete his Big Five hunting experience. Enjoy this veryexciting experience together with us.

We are also sharing more bow hunting tips with you, in order to improve your hunting skills.
Dave Sutherland from Sutherland Hunting Academy is discussing the second part of trophy photography in his professional hunter’s course.

Remember that our main focus is to educate and to share with you as fellow fisherman and hunters.

We are committed to help everyone into becoming better anglers and hunters with the focus on promoting conservation.


Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 19 R99.95

In this edition we are visiting Rietvlei Dam in Pretoria Gauteng together with pro anglers Chris Liebenberg and Marius Krige. They will be bringing you valuable tips, techniques and advice about this challenging venue.

Professional Hunter and Outfitter Emil from Moyo Safari’s in the Limpopo province is guiding Dorothy to hunt her first animal .This hunt forms part of their game management plan. There is a lot to learn and see on this exciting and adventures hunt.

Dave Sutherland from Sutherland Hunting academy is discussing photography of trophy animals in our Professional Hunters course insert.

I am sharing a couple of must-have bow tips with you. I am focusing on accuracy, safety and practicing.


Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 18 R99.95

In this edition we take you up to the Northern Parts of South Africa into the Limpopo province to Moyo Safaris where we have done some bow and rifle hunting. Moyo needed to take of some animals on their farm as part of their game management plan .We had an awesome experience with co-farm owner and Outfitter Emil Simon and my old friend Charles Pieterse from Wild Rock Safaris. We share some interesting tips and techniques.

Next we were of to Gauteng to do some Specimen Carp Angling and Freshwater Fishing.

Ex-World Champion Bow Hunter Juan Oosthuizen from the Bow Shop in Centurion is back with a couple of bow tips on the shooting range.

Dave Sutherland with his Professional Hunter’s course gives us an inside look on scopes and shares some interesting information with you on how to better your hunting experience.


Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 17 R99.95

Bow Hunting - Limpopo
In this edition we are of to the Northern part of South Africa to do some bow hunting. We went of up into the Limpopo province to African Hornbill Safari’s where game farm owner Louis Fouche  guided Greg Toplis from Outdoor Extreme on an exciting giraffe hunt. This turned out to be a very exciting hunt and we also share with you 2 bow kills by two new bow hunters. We share numerous tips, techniques and shot placement.

Hunting – PH Course Inserts
We also spend some time with Dave Sutherland from Sutherland Hunting Academy where he is sharing some exciting information with us on a PH course.

Bow Hunting – Tips & Techniques
Ex-World Champion bow hunter Juan Oosthuisen from the Bow Shop in Centurion next to the R21 is sharing some useful bow hunting tips and advice.

Fresh Water Fishing – Specimen Carp Angling
We went to KZN to bring you some carp action. As a quest we feature experienced specimen carp angler Morne and the Carp Crazy brothers that is showing us how they fish these unknown waters in KZN.Morne is also sharing one of his favorite knots with us as a tip on the DVD.

Salt Water Fishing – PE, Eastern Cape.
We hit PE again in winter time together with team Screamin Reels and Wesley de Klerk as our professional guide. We do catch several species including white muscle cracker and share some secret tips from the Eastern Cape.

You will gain a lot of information, tips and techniques on this DVD while you are enjoying the different adventures together with us.


Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 16 R99.95

In this edition we do cover rock and surf fishing, specimen carp angling, bow hunting and much more like bow tips, rifle tips, and general hunting tips and advise.

First we were of to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. What a fishing paradise. I join Ricky Sham from Team Screemin Reels on this trip, and we met up with the local specialists to show us the spots.

After that myself and the Carp Crazy brothers are of to Kwa-Zulu Natal to go and fish for Monster Carp. We fish one of the oldest dams in the area with big expectation. Both brothers hook-up into a fish each, simultaneously and we bring you this excitement with some of their special tips.

We also visit the Limpopo province on Zwartkloof farm with the owner Jaco Engelbreght ,to bring you a bow hunt where experienced Rifle hunter Nico Vlok is making his first bow kill.

David Sutherland from Sutherland hunting academy is providing the PH Course insert and on this edition we do cover the second part of ballistics.

Juan Oosthuizen from the Bow Shop is giving us some more of need-to-know bow tips, which always come in handy.


Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 15 R99.95

In this exciting edition we visit Klaserie dam in the heart of South Africa close to the Kruger National Park.

Myself and Derrick Nel from Carp Crazy ,together with some of his clients fished this dam renowned for its big Carp.

KZN’s local spear fisherman shows us how they do it. They embark on a journey to Mozambique to shoot some awesome fish. They share some of their secrets with us on this DVD.

Dave Sutherland is brining us tips from his top draw on how to become a professional hunter. Dave is renowned for his high standards on his courses. If you can pass your professional hunters course with Dave Sutherland you are almost guaranteed of work out there in the field.

Previously world champion Bow Hunter Juan from the bow shop in Centurion is giving us critical information as always on bow hunting www.thebowshoponline.co.za

Thereafter we are off to the Limpopo province with Professional Hunter and Outfitter Theo from Theo-Arie hunting safari’s. He and his international clients is shooting 2 Trophy buffalo bulls, a Trophy Hippo,Girraffe and some plains game. You will enjoy this section with the variety of animals that are hunted on this trip.


Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 14 R99.95

In this edition we will be bringing you some of the most exciting hunts and fishing trips that we have done in the last couple of months.

We are of to the Kwa-Zulu Natal coastline on the Eastern border of South Africa where meet up there with Clive from Aquacat to explore the wild surf with his new Aquacat Dinglehopper bait boat. Ricky Sham and Ace from Screaming Reels are there to show us all the action with this little handy bait boat. This bait boat brings a whole new dimension to rock and surf fishing. Ricky lands a nice Stingray and Arno de Wet; Protea Angler brings us some of his secret bait presentations that he is using in the North Coast and South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Carp Crazy is of to the famous Hartebeestpoort Dam in the North West province of South Africa in search of South Africa’s biggest Carp. Join Derrick and myself where we fish these waters. Derrick will also be bringing you his insider secrets and tips on what his approach is to this Dam.

Our Bow Hunting safari this time round turns out to be very exciting as we explore a Mac Nab Safari in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. This exciting concept to shoot and kill a bird, fish and buck on the same day turns out to be a big challenge. We did succeed and we bring you all the action.

We are also featuring Juan from the Bow shop in Centurion where we continue to bring you some of the best bow tips by this ex-World Champion Bow Hunter.

Dave Sutherland from the Sutherland Hunting Academy will also be featuring with an insert from his renowned Professional Hunters courses that he presents country wide in South Africa. Any Hunter can learn from his experience and he shows you how it must be done by the book.


Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 13 R99.95

In this edition we were off to the Mpumalanga province, on a farm called Stentor. It is very close to the Swaziland Border and also close to the Komatipoort gate of the Kruger National Park in the southern part of Africa.

This is truly one of the most beautiful and challenging hunting farms that I have ever been to. Totally Proudly South African. This farm has a rich history which dates back, even to before the British settlers came to Southern Africa.

Local hunter and “PSE Hunting Adviser Africa”, Rudi Kleingeld and Christo van Graan, owner of Stentor, guided the hunt with Quin Roos as the local hunter, and Piet Lombard as the quest hunter.

Quin starts this edition of with a Giraffe hunt, where he wants to take a Giraffe bull with the bow. As you guys will see, this was an enormous task to accomplish. Quin also took the opportunity to hunt a very nice bushbuck.

With the start of the bass fishing season, we decided to recap on some of the essentials of bass fishing. We went to Oppikoppie Bass farm close to Brits in the North West Province of South Africa where Pieter Prinsloo ex Olympic Athlete takes us through the steps of basic bass fishing. These basics are all you need to become a good Bass fisherman with renewed confidence.

We were able to land a couple of bass before the spawning season, a very difficult time to catch bass. What made this very difficult was the fact that all of the males were more interested in building nests, than in a nice meal (our lures and tactics). However, we persevered and caught some nice bass.

I am sure that you will learn a lot in this edition.


Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 12 R99.95

This exciting edition takes us on a Buffalo hunt close to the borders of the Northern Cape. We experience a buffalo charge of note with some very close encounters.

After that we are of to the Bloemhof Bonanza at Bloemhof Dam. Here we bring you the highlights and the winner of the Bonanza. Derrick Nel from Carp Crazy also shares some specimen carp tips with you as myself and Derrick are both taking part in this competition.

Then we are of to Henties Bay in Namibia to see how Spyker Kruger and Ricky Sham are catching Bronzies.Spyker is landing a nice Bronzy and Ricky is showing us an interesting Bonito bait for the taxman.

From our next edition onwards we will be bringing you inserts of the Professional Hunter’s Course that myself and Derrick Nel will be attending. We are very excited about this and we hope that you are too. You would be able to learn first hand together with us here on the Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting DVD.


Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 11 R99.95

Welcome all hunters and fishermen to another action packed edition of Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting.

Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting is a reality electronic magazine. Sometimes filming, hunting and fishing conditions can be very tough. We try our very best to bring all of these aspects across to you our viewers with our productions. We do believe in fair hunting and “catch and release”.

In this Edition of Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting we bring you:

A Nyala bow kill in KZN.
Carp fishing at its best. ( Rietvlei Dam - Gauteng )
Tips and techniques.
Rock and Surf fishing.( Eastern Cape )
Impala –Rifle Hunt - Limpopo
A special bonus and some more.

In our next edition I will be announcing some exciting news. I have taken on a very serious challenge. Over the next couple of seasons, i will be showing you how I will become a professional hunter and eventually an outfitter.

This is a very tough challenge in itself, but I want to show you as a hunter, how this process works. I will take you through all the steps and show you what happened where and when. I will also in future bring this course out on DVD, but until that time you would be able to follow my step by step progress on each DVD with every new edition. But more about this announcement in the next edition.

With the hunting season ahead, be ethical and respectful towards nature. Be careful! Hunting and fishing accidents do happen very easily.


Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 10 R99.95

In this edition of Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting we are traveling from the southern to the northern tip of South Africa. We are experiencing the worst possible conditions throughout the country to fish and hunt. We show you how we coped.

In the rock and surf fishing section we join team Screamin Reels in the Eastern Cape to see how they target edibles in tough conditions and out of season. They proof everybody wrong, and show that perseverance plays a big part of a successful fisherman .Join us as they are showing you how they are scratching in every hole. Cob seems to be the order of the day. They were also successful with Steenbras, Rock Cod and some Sharks. Their latest DVD volume 6 on catching edibles in the Eastern Cape is available in stores now.

We also join professional hunter and fly-fisherman Jacques Marais to see how this Protea is sharing some secrets while tying his most successful fly on his Orange River trip in the Northern Cape. His latest DVD volume 3 on the Orange River is available in stores now.

After that we are of to the North-West Province to give you some insight on how the Carp Crazy brothers are fishing for Big Carp in tough conditions. They are releasing their next DVD volume 6 soon.

Our last stop is up north at Chinaka Lodge , where Professional Hunter and Outfitter Stefano Darrego is looking to take a Nyala with the bow after plenty of rain.

Enough talk

Let’s start Fishing and Hunting!!

Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting are urging you to please catch and release when you do fish and when you do hunt, please do so according to the specific farm owner’s scientific game management plan with the right conservation measures to protect the animals of our planet.


Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 9 R99.95

In this Edition.

Welcome all outdoorsmen. In this edition we will be taking you on some exotic fishing and hunting safaris.

Bank Angling
We start our DVD up in the North West province of South Africa for some monster specimen carp fishing with the Carp Crazy brothers “ Marcel and Derrick Nel”. They show us how they do it in true South African style .We all caught a lot of fish during our trip ,including a 32 pound common and a 30 pound mirror carp. Two of us shattered our personal best’s. The Carp Crazy brothers share some secret, informative and educational tips with you, on how to and helping you to catch your personal best. They will be launching their 5 th DVD in November. It will be available nationwide in all fish and tackle stores.

Rock and Surf
We then take you to Hentiesbay in Namibia to show you how Team Screamin Reels with “Spyker” Steven Kruger and Ricky Sham caught some Bronzies from the rocks and surf. They will also be launching their new DVD on Bronzies in November where they do share a lot of their insider information,bait presentations and rigs with the viewers.

Bow Hunting
After that we are doing some bow hunting at Blaauberg Safari’s .We are targeting some plains game with Rudi Kleingeld and his hunting partners. He also share a very interesting article with us on the e-Magazine regarding bow hunting.

Fly fishing
Jacques Marais “fly fishing guru” also share a very interesting story on fly fishing the Orange River with us on the e-Magazine. This will definitely get your blood pumping and put you in the mood for some serious fly fishing .Jacques currently have two DVD’s out in the market ,available at all leading fish and tackle dealers. He shares fly tying techniques and much more on his DVD’s.

In the following editions we will be covering, fly fishing, kayak fishing, rock and surf fishing, bass fishing, bow and rifle hunting, deep sea fishing, game fishing and light tackle boat fishing.

Due to the limited space available on a DVD we can only cover three or four of the above mentioned topics per issue. With blue ray disc being at our front door ,we will be transforming together with the majority of our viewers over the next couple of years to blue ray discs and then we will be able to bring you all our adventures on one disc in true High Definition.

Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 8 R99.95
In this DVD we do an Elephant darting and a Red Duiker bow hunt in the Limpopo Province. We focus on conservation, hunting techniques and share medical advice and a bonus snoek recipe. Carp angling is also included.
Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 7 R99.95
In Limpopo, we do a Buffalo bow hunt and a Red Hartebeest rifle hunt. We share a delicious potjiekos recipe, hunting techniques, bow tips and medical advice. Like always we cover conservation.
Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 6 R99.95
In the KZN we show you how to do bow fishing. A bonus Impala bow hunt is also included. You'll receive medical advice and a fish recipe. We cover trophy measurement, conservation and hunting techniques.
Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 5 R99.95
This DVD takes you to the grasslands of Mpumalanga. It consists a Blesbuck, White Blesbuck and Blue Wildebeest hunt with a rifle. We also cover meat processing, hunting techniques and vitals.
Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 4 R99.95
We visit the Northern Cape and the North West for a lion and Gemsbuck rifle hunt. We cover shooting form and hunting techniques. You receive medical advice and also a free biltong recipe.
Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 3 R99.95
On this DVD we visit the Limpopo province and Mpumalanga where we do a Rhino darting and Rock Hyrax bow hunt. We cover tracking, conservation, hunting and shooting techniques.
Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 2 R99.95
This DVD takes you to the Limpopo province where we bring you a Buffalo and Black Wildebeest rifle hunt. It also contains medical advice, taxidermy, bow and rifle tips, and a free recipe. Learn how to reload bullets.
Wild Africa Fishing and Hunting - Volume 1 R99.95
This DVD takes you to the Dwaalboom in the Limpopo province. It consists of an Eland and Warthog bow hunt and also covers safety tips, bow tips, rifle techniques and medical advice.


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